Tribute to 30 is a series of commemorative cocktail receptions that spans across the nation and makes a special stop in each of the regions we are proud to be a part of.  Celebrating thirty years in the specialty food business is a momentous occasion for The Chefs’ Warehouse!  This is an opportunity for us to come together, remember the milestones and the individuals that got us where we are today, and show our thanks for the support of the Chefs who continue to want the very best.



Celebrating 30 Years


A Tasty History

Established in 1985, the Chefs' Warehouse's history is rich with flavor

Our founders’ father, Peter Pappas, was many things:  a Veteran of the Korean War effort, an immigrant to the United States, and by heritage, a Cypriot.  As the co-founder of Veterans Butter and Egg Company in New York in 1956, Peter supplied dairy and egg products to local New York establishments for almost 30 years.


His two sons, Christopher and John, were brought up in the business, learning hands-on after school and over summer vacations.  After college, Chris was recruited to play basketball professionally in Europe; during which time he was exposed to the wide array of culinary splendors on offer.  Sensing the unique opportunity of offering these specialty foods to the U.S. market, he and his brother John recruited their brother-in-law, Dean Facatselis, and shifted the business to its second incarnation, known as Dairyland USA in the Bronx, NY in 1985.


The strong relationships built with top chefs in New York, coupled with their tenacity, have led them to expand the company into what we know today as The Chefs’ Warehouse - a selection of imported and domestic ingredients, carefully chosen with an eye for where tradition meets trend.


While our company expansion has been broad, we are not a broadliner in a standard sense of the word, nor do we choose to be.  Our success is grounded in our focus to serve our most regionally distinctive customers.  We continue to strive to inspire and connect Chefs with exceptional ingredients, as did our founders many years ago.

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